Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fathers Day Weekend

We took a little camping trip this weekend to PineValley for Fathers Day. We had so much fun and I am not exaggerating when I tell you, there was NO fighting, NO complaining (except from me when I was freezing to death at night), and NO whining. What I wouldn't give to spend every waking moment camping. It is probably my most favorite thing to do. I think it is because I grew up camping. I loved it when I was little and thank heavens our kids love it too. There is no way I could do it without Adam though. He is so smart and handy. He loves to cook while camping and even washes the dishes while we are camping. I have now banned dishes while camping....we are going to strict paper and plastic. It is way too time consuming to do dishes in the wilderness.
We had so much fun. We took several walks to and from the bathroom because the girls were too afraid to go by themselves and when one of us had to go, the whole family would walk to the bathroom. It was quite comical actually. We played card games, SPAZ UNO was the favorite and we all laughed so hard, until there was a loser.....then there were tears shed. We need to work on learning how to lose apparently. We also played with Bondoogal and embrodiery floss and made bracelets. I was sure I remembered how to make friendship bracelets......I failed epically. :)
I am so grateful for my childrens father. He is so great with them and teaches them so much. They have a love and bond with him that is unbreakable. I am in love with him and I am so happy that he is mine forever.

 The LUCKIEST Dad around. The kids sang to Adam
morning at the campsite and I had each of them tell him
a favorite memory they have with dad.
Logan: Fathers and Sons every year.
BayLee: Camping and Fishing
Mia: Being born (Hey she's four!I think that is pretty sweet!)
 This is one of my best reasons to go camping. The kids
have no distractions such as TV, computer, or Video games.
The girls covered me in hugs and loves. Took many walks
to the bathroom with this cute little button.
 Mia was a camping Diva. What a hoot. I just love this
little girl. I wish I could just bottle up the love she has
for me and Adam, to remind her she loved us. :)
 I am pretty sure Logan is a pure clone of Adam. These
two had such a great time together. It was so great to
watch them this weekend.
 Best Friends Forever (That is what Mia was saying
all weekend)
 And of course the begged me to climb up on this
huge rock. Getting up was easy.....the going down, another
story. BayLee told me to just "slide down it". I am afraid
those days are long gone. The ole bones don't work like they
use too. OH WAIT! My knee bones never worked! :)
 What would a dad be without a little teasing from time to time.

 I lost a dollar because of this picture. I told him that if
he put his finger through the fishes gills and out the mouth
I would pay him a dollar. Dang.....
 I didn't offer him anything to kiss the fish.....he did it on
his own FOR FREE!!!
 And of course.....since Dad did it........( I didn't offer to
pay him anything either!)
 10 fish later! And that, my friends, is why I like to go
 PYROMANIAC himself! Dang, Logan could NOT stay
away from the fire.
Aw look....Bambi wanted to join our family!

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