Friday, May 27, 2011

My Outside Girl

Who needs the splash pad or park when your girl is SUPER happy in her own backyard? Seriously she spends 90% of the daytime hours outside in the backyard playing with the dogs, on her trikes, on her little tike car, or in empty swimming pools apparently. It is only day 2 of summer and I feel like the worse mom on the block because everyone else is taking their kids here or there and everywhere and I am just hanging out at home. But I have come to the conclusion I am at an inbetween stage in my life, which is very odd. I have Logan that is 13 and is too "cool" to hang out with his mom so he runs a muck around the neighborhood, which is good because he needs to make friends. BayLee is my little social butterfly and is constantly invited places so she isn't really ever home. So, so far it is just Mia and I hanging out and reading together and playing together. Sometimes I feel bad that I am not "hanging out" with friends at the park or running the kids here or running there, but I guess if we are happy then that is what matters.
I need to learn to stop comparing myself to other moms. There isn't a "right" way or a "wrong" way, I just need to be happy and content with "my way". I did all the running running running with Logan and BayLee in summers past and I guess by the time kid three comes and your kids are four to five years apart, the need or desire kinda leaves. But as long as I can look at happy faces like this all day, then I will be happy.

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