Monday, January 31, 2011

First Time Snow Boarder on Board

Thanks to a very good friend, Adam and Logan were able to go up to Brian Head on Saturday and hit the slopes. Adam hadn't been since we've been married, which he had been a snowboarding instructor before then, and so he has been excited to take Logan. Logan was a "natural", as he puts it. He did such a great job and the two of them had a great day together. And in my head, that was the whole point! They left Friday evening, spent the night in Cedar, then spent all day Saturday up the mountain.

I must say he looks pretty cute (he would kill me if he knew I used that word) standing so Macho like next to the board
I couldn't believe Adam sent him on the chair alone! I guess
the instructor made them go alone. YIKES!

What would a ski trip be without a yummy lunch?
*Take note of the Tupperware Eco waterbottle :)
What a "natural". He only fell once.

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Sleepless In St. George said...

how boys really want to learn to snowboard...maybe we will have to pay for adams ticket so he can teach them!