Monday, May 17, 2010

Mia, You make me smile.

This girl simply cracks me up! She is beginning to get her little personality and isn't afraid to let it shine. She doesn't get into mischeif much but she sure knows what she wants. She has spunk and that is what I love about her. She has quite a few friends that she really gets along with and a few not so well. Two year olds are so hard to teach how to share. They are just trying to learn and it is so hard to teach them without causing conflict.
Mia has quite the vocabulary and I love to hear her say things like "sit right here" or "not now" or "coke peese" or "this is MINE" or "can I go night night". I love that she calls horses "ha has" and birds "ca cas". I love to see what she has learned so I ask for random things like "will you please get me the broom" (she brings me the broom), "will you please bring me mommys makeup" (she brings me the makeup).
I look forward to spending times with her. I need to learn to enjoy the "two year old" moments instead of dread them and get annoyed by them. This is the end for us, she is our caboose so I need to remind myself of that often. I need to enjoy the fact that she wants to sit on my lap whenever I sit down. I need to put stuff aside and cuddle a little longer, laugh with her a little longer, read to her more often. She is a sponge, I need to help her soak it all up. The world is ready and waiting for her to explore it.
I love that she is a daddys girl. I think every daddy needs one. She has him wrapped around his fingers and noone can remove her. She loves it when he comes home from work (so do I) :) She has to call him a couple times during the day and I am so glad that he takes her calls. It is only for a second but she has to know that he is around. It is so cute.

She loved sitting in her carseat all day today in the living room.
I caught her eating cookie dough out of the Papa Murphys container!
Who did she learn that from? HER DAD!!
Don't you just love her hair? She twists her hair around her finger all day. She doesn't have much hair and she won't leave anything in it, so she pretty much looks like this everyday! :)

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Kris said...

So cute!!! I love Mia. I was so sad I was sick on Thursday and couldn't spend any time with her while she was here.