Friday, February 5, 2010

Now We Bring You the 1960's 2nd Grader Style

I think I was born in the wrong era because when I found out that BayLee got to dress for the 1960's I was SOOOO excited! We tye died shirts the other day with her very best friend JD and I think they turned out really cute. Mia was not in a photo op mood this morning but her shirt turned out cute as well.
The 60's mean different things to different people. I love the hippy lifestyle. I love the peace sign, I love the free spiritness of it, I love the fashion, I love the hairstyles, I love the VW hippie van, I love Hairspray. Needless to say this day brought happiness. The only day that will be CRAZIER and BIZARRE is the 80's! Oh the fun we will have on that day!!!!


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Kris said...

so fun!!! your school does some way fun stuff!!!