Monday, February 1, 2010

Girls Day Out

Bay got invited to the coolest birthday party ever. I don't know how I will ever be able to convince Bay her parties are cool too after going to this one. I was able to go help out and it was a BLAST. There were five girls and the party started out with the BEST cupcakes in town from 25 Main. After they were done with the cupcakes they went to a potter place called Brushfire.
BayLee has always wanted to go there we just haven't ever made it. It is a place where you go and pick out pottery to paint and then they burn it and glaze it. It seriously is the coolest place in town. Forget the arcade, forget the wii, forget the splash pad, forget McDonalds. THIS IS THE PLACE! Bay picked out a cool horse to paint (I tried to convince her to do a plate but I lost). The girls were so silly and giggly.
They then had pizza and ice cream. What a day!

BayLee would live there if I would have let her.

I am thinking I need to do a girls day and go and paint a
dish of my own, eat a cupcake, and have some icecream. Anyone
want to join me?


Doty Family said...

Oooh, if it involves coconut cupcakes (drooling) then I am so in. Besides, ya know, I gotta lower my stress levels!

mindy said...

me me me! I am in total agreement about the coconut cupcakes by far my fav from 25 and Main! Let's do it!

Kris said...

Oh, I am so in!!!

Becky said...

Mandee, if we lived closer, I would so be there!