Friday, February 12, 2010

The 1980's 2nd Grade Style

Today was the BIG day! Today was 80's day at Red Mountain Elementary. BayLee was a little unsure of this one. She said "Not to be offensive.....but I look ridiculous". As I was doing her hair and getting her dressed she said "How could these people dress this way?". THESE PEOPLE?? Those people are me!!! The 80's were the greatest and here she is.....

I made her pose the 80's pose.....

As I was pegging her pants she was a little concerned.....

Friday, February 5, 2010

Now We Bring You the 1960's 2nd Grader Style

I think I was born in the wrong era because when I found out that BayLee got to dress for the 1960's I was SOOOO excited! We tye died shirts the other day with her very best friend JD and I think they turned out really cute. Mia was not in a photo op mood this morning but her shirt turned out cute as well.
The 60's mean different things to different people. I love the hippy lifestyle. I love the peace sign, I love the free spiritness of it, I love the fashion, I love the hairstyles, I love the VW hippie van, I love Hairspray. Needless to say this day brought happiness. The only day that will be CRAZIER and BIZARRE is the 80's! Oh the fun we will have on that day!!!!


Monday, February 1, 2010

1920's 2nd Grader Style

BayLees Elementary Mascot "Thunder" is taking a travel through time. Each friday the students get to get dressed up for a certain era. Last Friday was the 1920's. I googled 1920 fashion and came up with so many pictures and, well, none of the outfits were appropriate for 2nd graders to wear. It was the era of short flapper dresses. I had two friends call me because they knew I would probably research it, they both had boys so they were pretty lucky. The boys and men just wore suits every day and were very clean cut, handsome looking.
So, I did best with what we had and Bay turned out pretty cute. It made us 10 minutes late for school but it was worth it!
1920's Style
2nd Grade version

Girls vs. Makeup

Every morning Mia sits next to me while I do my makeup and hair. So one day while I was getting ready I let her and BayLee do their own makeup. This is what they came up with.....
I then took Mia to Brandys and forgot to tell her that Mia had played in the makeup. She called me and asked "What happened to Mia? Did someone punch her in the eyes?". Good times, Good times.

Girls Day Out

Bay got invited to the coolest birthday party ever. I don't know how I will ever be able to convince Bay her parties are cool too after going to this one. I was able to go help out and it was a BLAST. There were five girls and the party started out with the BEST cupcakes in town from 25 Main. After they were done with the cupcakes they went to a potter place called Brushfire.
BayLee has always wanted to go there we just haven't ever made it. It is a place where you go and pick out pottery to paint and then they burn it and glaze it. It seriously is the coolest place in town. Forget the arcade, forget the wii, forget the splash pad, forget McDonalds. THIS IS THE PLACE! Bay picked out a cool horse to paint (I tried to convince her to do a plate but I lost). The girls were so silly and giggly.
They then had pizza and ice cream. What a day!

BayLee would live there if I would have let her.

I am thinking I need to do a girls day and go and paint a
dish of my own, eat a cupcake, and have some icecream. Anyone
want to join me?

Mias Big Day

Mia had a great birthday celebration! Turning two is fun. We met up with my mom and dad on Saturday for lunch. We took her to Pirate Island Pizza and she had a good time doing everything but eating (except for the icecream sundae of course). She loved playing on the slide with all the other little kids that were there. Grandma and Grandpa of course showered her with fun presents and we enjoyed their company. We missed Uncle Tony and Aunt Jen and cousins Ajay and Annie but they live too far away.

Logan was too busy earning tickets to stop for a photo op!
The worlds cutest 2 year old.
Bay wanted to play some air hockey with me but we couldn't find the
other paddle. So of course......I used the Bottle! She beat me pretty good.

On her actual birthday we had over 30 people over for dinner and
cake/ice cream. It was a lot of fun to be with family and friends. We are blessed to have so many people that love us and our kiddos. Mia got a car for her birthday and has yet to leave it.
This picture says it all. Adam is fired from taking pictures though.
There aren't any of her in her cute Sunday birthday dress. :(