Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Mia Sophia

Has it really been two years since our sweet Mia Sophia was born? I can hardly believe that can be possible. It seems like yesterday that her sweet self joined our family. She has brought so much joy into our home and we are having so much fun with her. She is our last baby so we have been holding onto every little thing a little longer and holding each milestone a little tighter to our hearts. It is sad knowing we are done but at the same time I feel relieved (not going to lie). :)
Mia is such a good little toddler so far. She isn't too distructive or too mean. She loves to walk around and just hum and sing in her own little language. She hears music and drops what she is doing to dance a little jig. She loves to play with her friends and loves to play with BayLee and Logan. She loves to be outside and will even escape if the door isn't locked. YIKES! She is her dads little princess and her moms snuggle buddy. She loves to drink out of her sippy or bottle while twirling her hair with her fingers. I think she will do this her whole life. It is the cutest thing to watch.
Mia makes my heart skip a beat when I look at her. She just has so much love and trust, you can see it in her eyes. She is loved by so many people and she in return loves them. She does like to pull hair though.....need to work on that I guess.
Mia day One
Mia One Year (photo taken by Tif)

Easter 2009
Fall 2009
January 2010 (listening to daddys ipod)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Our New Feathered Friend

Santa was kind enough to bring BayLee a pure white dove for Christmas this year. She was so excited to see the bird and she could hardly believe that it was really, truly happening. BayLee has a deep and genuine love for animals. Caring for them is in her blood.
She has named her bird Snowball and everyone has fallen in love with it. Yes, "it" is an "it". The only way to tell the gender of a dove is that the males coo and the females don't. So far no cooing. Is it possible that the Dovers will have a quiet pet for once?

BayLee ALWAYS wears this orange glove when she holds the dove.

There is no doubt about it....this bird will have plenty of attention and love.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

I Declared a RoAd TrIp

We took a great road trip to Zion National Park today. It was such a great day to be together as a family. I have decided that every day Adam has off that we don't have anything planned, we will take a road trip to somewhere we haven't been to for awhile. The kids were great sports and were great traveling buddies.

I can't believe how fast this little guy is growing up. It is happening too quickly.

This was such a sweet moment. We took a million pictures of this moment and this one captured it the very best. I hope that they will always be best of friends.
There was an Ostrich farm right out of Springdale and there was food to feed them.
This one was the biggest and was not afraid to get up close and personal with Logan. I thought
for sure that Ostrich was going to reach through and eat Logan for lunch.
Such a handsome fellar.
I love to walk behind Adam and the kids just to watch them
with eachother. They love it when he is able to spend a day having fun.
They wouldn't have noticed if I would have walked the other way.

Mia wasn't afraid of these HUGE birds, but she won't have anything to
do with Brandys chickens?? Go figure?
It really bugs me that Blogger puts the pictures in opposite of how you select them.
This is the beginning of our road trip. Look how happy he is....
The DS....don't let home without it.
A daddy and his princess.