Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Good Clean Fun

Aren't we so thankful for the toddler years? Mia is so much fun. Super laid back compared to other offspring I have brought into this world! Adam is my shower cleaner. It is his designated "chore" and he happened to do it on Sunday. He started the shower, went into the garage to grab the cleaner, came back to the bathroom and found this. Mia had been with me so he thought it would be ok. We had to capture this moment.
Now mind you, a year ago she was SCARED to death of water. She hated baths, showers, puddles, rain, swimming pools, and didn't even like to drink it much. Now every day when I am in the shower she will try to inch in little by little. So she must have felt very successful Sunday as she made it all the way in with her clothes on.

And yes.....that is a cell phone in her hand!
Look at that happy face.

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