Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cousins with Santa

We took another trip to Cedar on Saturday so the cousins could spend more time together. We don't see eachother enough so when we are all around I like the kids to spend a lot of time together. We went to a cute little tree festival and had fun looking at all the trees. There were pretty cute trees.
What is a christmas fest without a visit to Santa. We hurried and got a picture on his lap. It was quite the adventure. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.

The Princesses asked BayLee if she would take a picture with them

and she didn't want to. I felt bad so I posed with them and Logan yelled


I was mortified!

The girls + Ajay in front of the Barbie tree.
Ajay loves his Aunt Mandee. We were making Dopey feel like he wasn't all alone.
We collect Nutcrackers so we HAD to get a picture with all of them.

The kids were most excited about the Michael Jackson nutcracker.

I didn't notice how young this Santa was until I saw the picture.

I was too busy trying to convince the little ones that Santa wouldn't eat them.

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