Monday, September 21, 2009

Sunday Craze

So Sunday is the day the kids look their best. Dressed up in their nicer clothes. Hair done perfectly. The best accessories possible. The house is harmonious. Everyone is helping eachother get ready, everybody is listening. UMMMM.....probably not. Sundays are the most chaotic mornings of the week. For some reason everything goes wrong, everyone is cranky, so here is a look into our sunday photo sessions.

These are yesterdays pictures.

I wanted to capture Mias darling dress......unaccomplished

Here is my poser. She loves getting her picture taken.
I felt bad that Mia wouldn't pose with BayLee so I jumped in.
Such a sweet sister, she wanted to take a picture with Mia so bad.
We moved it outside and the dang dogs wanted part of the action. ARG!!
And still smiles on BayLees face.

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