Saturday, August 8, 2009

Girls Night Out

I am so lucky to have these great friends who are sisters and daughters and daughter in laws. They bring me into the fold and consider me a daughter and a sister too. I have it so good I have a sister in all of them, and a friend to all of them. We have such a great time no matter what we are doing. Lastnight we went to 25 main (delicious) and a quick stop into DI (of course) and the movie The Proposal. What a great time and it felt great to cut it loose and shake a leg. Love ya girls!

My "sister" Maggie, My second mom Becky, My "sister" Kris, Me, My "sister" Brandy, and My "sister" Heather.
Maggie and I are the "crazy" sisters that you have always wanted. Going to DI is great therapy. We have a great time whenever we go there. MAN, I should have bought the salmon polyester jumpsuit I saw there last month. It was awesome.

Love it Maggie!!!

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