Sunday, August 23, 2009

Big Kid Pinewood Derby

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Lastnight we went to a church Pinewood Derby race for the men in our ward. It was a blast. I have never seen so many men excited about the same thing at the same time. There were close to twenty racers and they were all like proud peacocks with their cars as feathers. I tell you what, they were so proud of their cars and they were so nice to eachother. All day saturday we had people at our house getting help from Adam and just chillin around the kitchen table doing the finishing touches on their cars. It was so fun to watch them.
The races were all pretty close and the heats went by a lot faster than the scouts derbys! We were all done with the whole thing in an hour and a half. Adam won first place in the outlaw race and lost the regular race by three HUNDRETHS of a second. It was awesome!!!! I think I want to make a car. :)


Active Ackleys said...

that awesome!!! Tim would love that. He and the boys have a blast making them for scouts every year. Kaity does the open class, but she's all about pretty and doesn't care about speed. Congrats to Adam on almost making it to first place. I'm sure the fun was the best part.

Doty Family said...

I want to see you make a car!!! Adams car turned out really nice! I think I am going to suggest that in our ward. So fun!