Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back to School

I was so sad to see the summer end! We had a great one, from catching frogs to camping in Yellowstone. They both got to stay a week with family up in Northern Utah. They had a great summer but were both excited for school today. Logan is going to the intermediate school this year so he was a little nervous for the seven classes a day idea and three minutes to get from class to class.I can't believe that BayLee is in second grade. It was fun today as we turned the corner of the building you could hear all these kids yell "BAYLEE"!! and came running to her. It was really sweet. She is lucky to have so many great friends. Here is to a new year and it is going to be a great one. It looks like I have been sucked into PTO again!! :)

My "cool" 6th grader!
My happy 2nd grader!

BayLee and JD. Year three of them together!! They are in the same class this year!!! YEAH!!

She is sooo happy!!!! I love the reflection on the wall of her.


Doty Family said...

Stinkin' cute kids! cute background. Let's cross our fingers that we get to be Room Moms together!

Sherry said...

Logan looks so grown up. You better watch out for all the girlies that are gonna be comin around your house.

the sutton clan said...

wow, we still have a few weeks of vacay left! you guys start early!!!

Active Ackleys said...

ours start on the 25th. I enjoy all of your updates. Hope they have a great school year.

J-Mom said...

Very cute kids! Schools start around here, beginning of Aug. Well, for those who send their kids to school!