Thursday, July 23, 2009

Yellowstone Family Reunion

WHAT a time we had! Going to Yellowstone for a family reunion was a BRILLIANT idea. My aunt Ranae and Uncle Rick put together the greatest reunion ever. We stayed in two huge lodges in Island Park Idaho and lived life to the fullest. There was a room for each little family, there was a hot tub in each lodge, and great times together as family. It got a little loud from time to time but it was overall a great way to spend the weekend with wonderful family that we don't ever get to see.
I met some spouses of cousins I hadn't ever met and it only made me wish we lived closer. My cousin Matt has the sweetest wife Katie. They have the CUTEST twin boys and I loved squeezing their darling little cheeks. I also got to know Stephanie and her husband Brett better too. They have cute little boys. Man, they are busy cute little boys. Brett scared me half to death the last night by jumping out from behind a tree roaring like a bear. I grabbed Katie, screamed, and fell into a ball on the ground. Good times.
The first day there we all went to Yellowstone and all traveled at our own paces. This was good and bad. I was in a car with BayLee and my brother and his family, Adam was with Mia and my parents, and Logan was with my Aunt Aline and her son and his girlfriends fam. So we didn't really get to see Yellowstone together which was a bummer but we all pretty much saw the same things just at different times. We saw a bald eagle in a nest (that stopped traffic for 10 miles), a lot of buffalo, a lot of elk and deer, a lot of moose (is plural meese?), and a BEAR!!! I was so excited. I can't even begin to tell you how happy that made me. My sister in law and I ran to the river and the bear was on the other side. I have a video of it on my facebook, it is pretty cool.
The second day we went for a river floating trip. It was what we will always refer to as "crazy fun". It was a great time and we had a lot of laughs but what happened on the river stayed on the river! At one time we had a mom covered in puke(poor thing-I felt really bad), four kids crying at once, and my innertube capsized. It was great fun and it is something we will all remember.
It was a great time and I can't wait for our next reunion!!!!! Here are just 5 of my 516 photos of the trip!

My immediate family-Logan, BayLee, Annaleesa, Tony, Me, My dad, my mom, Adam, and Mia.
Missing from photo Jen and Ajay :(
Now these two could live in water if it were possible. Logan and BayLee were the only
two who wanted to do it all over again. It took us 3 hours to float five miles.

I loved being on the same grass as the buffalo. I really wanted to get closer!
She was so happy most of the time. Towards the end she started having the sniffles. Now she is fully fledged sick.
What a handsome kid. I missed not being with him at the park. But we were
at least able to watch Old Faithful together.

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Doty Family said...

What a bunch of great memories! Aren't you glad you went. Miss ya! Tell Logan Happy Birthday and I will bring him his present on Monday.