Saturday, July 11, 2009

Our Friendly Toad

We were doing our weekend task of pulling weeds (which I dread to DEATH by the way). All of a sudden I hear "Hey, Honey! Guess what I have over here?" Uh, in this area it could have beeen ANYTHING from a snake to a scorpion to a trauntula. Thank heavens it was just a big fat toad. She (I call it that only because Adam attempts to kiss it) is actually now living in our pond making friends with the Koi. I now have five little girls running around my backyard screaming. This has been a summer of creatures. But the second I see a scorpion or Trauntula I AM OUTTA HERE!!!!

A little too close for me. No kisses for Adam tonight.
Awwwww!!!!! I wonder what is going through the toads mind????

I was quite suprised that the kids wanted to touch it.

We need a name. Any suggestions????

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The Wright Family said...

Names huh... are you looking for something like Toadstool, Toady, or something like Tatter Tot? Mr Ed? Or something like Snogwarts? (Thinking along the lines of Adam's kiss -or "snog," and the Toad's "warts" and sounds like Hogwarts) I'm sure whatever the kiddos choose, will be plenty creative!