Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ummm...excuse me....I have a sucker in my hair.

On tuesday BayLee went and spent the day with one of her great friends, Daryn. I had been in touch with Daryns mom all day and the girls had been having a great time. I mean these girls play so well together. They were together from 11:30 to 8:30 and had NO arguments. That is pretty amazing. BayLee and Daryn are so alike. Both quite earthy, hippie like, carefree, and imaginative.

Well.....I had called to make sure that the mother was really ok that she was there for dinner, I have never had a playdate go this long. But the mom reassured me that all was fine and the girls had gotten a sucker with a scorpion in the middle of it and they were trying to disect the scorpion out of the sucker. Man, that sounded so cool-I wanted to be there and check it out with them! So, I get to Daryns house to pick her up and they are outside making a musical. It was almost magical. They both looked so innocent. BayLees hair was up in a cute ponytail that Daryn had done for her. How sweet I thought. So BayLee gets in the car and Adam and I chat with her mom for a few minutes and setting up a playdate for next week.

We get moving and I turn around to ask BayLee how her day went. It goes like this.... "BayLee how was your......DID YOU CUT YOUR HAIR???" Deer in headlight look comes across her cell phone rings...."Mandee! I just went into the bathroom and found a pile of hair....did it come off of BayLees head?" GULP!!! "Yes, it did but I haven't gotten the scoop from BayLee yet" PLEASE help me!!! "Daryn just told me that the sucker got stuck in BayLees hair so she helped her by cutting it out of BayLees hair". Inhale, exhale, it is just hair.... "Oh, that is ok. It will grow back and I have a great friend that can fix her hair". I felt so bad for my friend Gwen, Daryns mom. She felt so bad. It really is quite a funny story actually (it is three days later). At least they weren't just playing barber. They thought they really were doing the right thing.
Alison came to the rescue and fixed her hair. Thank you so very much Alison.

Pile of hair (I had just gotten her hair trimmed the day before. Between the two days 8 inches were cut off)

As close to the "before" as we could get. Forgot to get a picture.
Alison did a great job. She layered it so we wouldn't have to cut it to the shortest layer that Daryn created. It would have been above her chin.
Always smiling and laughing.


Doty Family said...

Oh, my, my!! She is still cute!!

Lacey said...

I was hoping you would post some pics. She really chopped it! The good news is that she looks adorable with short hair.

the sutton clan said...

I remember doing that! I was about 5 or 6 and we had stopped by a friends house on the way home from the salon to show off my new do, and we decided to play salon... and I totally got my hair whacked. fun fun fun...