Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Having serious case of FLASHBACKS!

Screaming, arching back, throwing things, pulling every single tupperware out of the cupboards, writing on things other than paper, not liking the carseat. All of these things were history, I was done with these issues. Well, I have reentered the "I am cute. I am one. I HAVE a voice and I am NOT afraid to use it." Mia has discovered that deep in the back of her throat lives a thing. This "thing" is called a SCREAM. Man, this scream of hers is nothing like I have ever heard. It is ear piercing and is driving me....well....CRAZY!

I don't remember it being this way at all. WHOOPS.....the screaming has started.....better run......until next time. DOES ANYONE HAVE A VALIUM????

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