Monday, June 22, 2009

Good Ole Bonfire

We said goodbye to a dear old friend tonight. A playhouse that Adam had built for Logan about 8 years ago. It had gotten to a point where it was dangerous to let anybody play out back, young or old. We had a great fire and the only thing missing were weenies (as my Grandma calls them) and Marshmallows. Dang, that would been a great Family Home Evening......

Of course Adam ended up doing all the work. But hey, it was a great time and Logan loved playing in the fire.

Mia had to watch from inside the house with me.
Yes, we had to CUT the wood first. That was the only way they would permit us to burn it.
We were only "allowed" to burn real wood so ply wood and shingles go to the dump.
This was what remained of the playhouse. I was kinda sad to be honest.
Umm honey, you don't need to get warm by the fire. It is 100 degrees outside.
This man LOVES fire!!!!! And he LIGHTS my FIRE!!!

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Doty Family said...

SAD! Ok, so not really because I have seen the playhouse! Yeah for you! Great pictures of Adam sitting by the fire in the 100 degree weather.