Saturday, June 13, 2009

BayLees Birthday Party

BayLee had a great birthday party. She had 15 friends there and we had 7 adults so it was a really big party. We just had it at the swimming pool and the kids had a blast. BayLee was so excited for her day. She is like her mom, she thinks the world should stop on their birthday. It is always fun having her party because it is a couple weeks into summer vacation and she gets to have a little reunion with all of her cute little friends.
On her actual birthday, the next day, she was sick with a yucky flu bug so I am so glad that she at least felt good for her party.
I love you BayLee and I am so glad I have you as my daughter. You are a ray of sunshine and your smile is contagious. I loved watching you with your friends-you are a wonderful friend to everyone. I admire that about you love.

She always gets teary eyed during the happy birthday song. She has a very tender heart.
Piper, Jamilia, Tyson, and Logan

Treena, Holly, JD, Kaleb, Kasen (Kris and Brandy in the background)
Brady, BayLee, Grace, Gwen and Marley, Daryn, Ayanna

Daryn and Holly
BayLee and Piper
The Flip Flop birthday cake went over really well


tifsong said...

this is so dang cute! i am glad she had a happy birthday!

Doty Family said...

fun, fun fun! It's to bad she was sick on her birthday!! Cute girl! Love you Miss BayLee.