Monday, June 29, 2009

Arrow Of Light

First of all I haven't been a very good "scout mom" so far but Logan was able to earn the Arrow of Light last week. This is the highest rank of cubscouts and because his mom wasn't a "scout mom", he had to pretty much do it all on his own with dads help when he was around. We are so proud of Logan for accomplishing this goal that not every scout is able to earn.
He was also able to cross the bridge into Boy Scouts. Can you believe it? Logan is a BOY SCOUT!!! There is NO way I am old enough to have a son that age. Kind of crazy.
The CubMaster did a great presentation of the award using feathers for 7 different values. It was super cool and of course her and I were crying. She has been with Logan through primary and scouts the whole time we have lived here. It was really sweet to see the love she has for him.

He said "Hasta La Vista" to the cubscout leader and scouts before he

crossed the bridge. It was pretty funny.

I love that the moms get to receive pins when the boys move up a rank.
But I probably don't really deserve it.
Proud parents

Logan had also earned alot of activity pins.

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Kris said...

What a fabulous job Logan!!!! We are proud of you. And when my boys start scouts you can tell them how great it is and help them with their stuff!!