Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Windy times with Cousins

Because of the funeral, we had a lot of cousins in town. We don't really ever get to see Adams cousins and their kids too often so it was fun to get together and let the kids play. The wind came from nowhere and I all of a sudden had sympathy for Dorothy and poor Toto. The power then went out ONLY on our half of the street. It made for a very eventful night.
The temperature went down to the 80's and BayLee was begging for me to pull out the cocomotion machine for hot cocoa!!! Silly girl...

Logan trying to fly away with a PVC pipe. He weighs so little that it probably
could have happened!
Mias toys were blowing everywhere.

Here are the cousins!! Mia was too freaked out by the wind, hence
Adam is with the kids. Three are mine, four are Eds and Elizabeths. It was so fun, but once
again Logan is a lot older and one of the few boys.
I love the girls hair in this picture.

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