Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Trip to The Lake

We were lucky enough to go boating with our friends, the Mowers, on Saturday. Adam had to take the day off to help them with the adventure. We had so much fun. I am not a big fan of water though, I loved being on the boat watching others be daring but me? Not so daring I guess. I was really quite sad that I couldn't toughen it out. My knee dislocated in the mean time forcing me to get off the tube, but I wasn't too far away from chickening out anyways. It was one of those fears I was trying to face and didn't do so well. It may have been that my son was right next to me and I was worried for him too, no, I think I was just a chicken. The water was so beautiful but the downside was summers itch was at a high level (a parasite in the water that bites you) so the kids had little bites but by the morning they were gone.
BayLee and Logan loved to be pulled by the boat on the tube. They were screaming in a way that I haven't ever heard them scream. I was so impressed that they both were ok with the whole idea. I think BayLee will be my evil caneval. She will do just about anything. She wanted to go faster, so did Logan.
Adam wasn't able to do the wake board like he wanted because a wind storm came in and we had dry lightening so we had to leave. We had so much fun with our friends and hope to go out again real soon! This summer has been great!!!!
Mia at first was her usual "I hate the water" self, but by the end she was having so much fun in the water as long as she was in her stroller with the water hitting her feet. Logan was happy to be there, I promise.
Logan was awesome on the tube. I wish I had a picture of him smiling on the tube because he was loving it. This is right as the wind was picking up and the water was getting pretty rough. He did great and wants to go back today.
This is how I really felt...... Logan was saying "please go faster" mom can deal with it. Hey, who's side is he on anyways???
Teen Wolf tubing style
This is right as my knee went POP right out of place....don't worry though, still had a blast. Don't know if I will try it again though.
BayLee was a superstar! I was so worried but once my friend Kim told me to relax, I just let her have fun. BayLee will be my thrill seeker I am sure of it.
Tristin teaching the girls the signs for tubing. I used the stop one really fast.
Now THIS was more my style. Trinity(one of my former young women from church-now she is considered a friend!) and I took the kayak out on the lake. It was great excersise! Watch out olympics.....we are dang good.
Such a great Daddy.


Doty Family said...

Looks like fun! I'll leave the water sports to you guys! YIKES!! I was made with land legs not sea legs!! FUN, FUN!!

J-Mom said...

Looks like a blast!