Monday, May 18, 2009

Our Family Staycation

This past weekend I had a Relief Society retreat at a timeshare. It was so much fun and a great little getaway. Well, one of our friends had reserved the smaller unit for Saturday night and they were unable to use it so they gave the night to our family. It was so much fun and we enjoyed being together as a family after the weekend without mom. Although the kids had a blast without me for the weekend. Play play play.
We discovered that Mia hates the pool-hence there aren't any pictures of her or I swimming. It was so much fun to watch Adam play with the kids.
I have come to the conclusion we need to invest in a timeshare. :)

After throwing Logan into the water.The effects of this picture are really cool. BayLee and Mom in the full sized kitchen making breakfast before we headed off to church.

Such a happy kid. Trying to bribe him for a
haircut. "But Mom! Everyone has long hair"

Now THIS is what it is all about.


Kris said...

looks sooooo cool. Love your hair btw!!!

Doty Family said...

The blonde does suit you I must say! Looks like you guys had fun.

Cassie said...

YOu guys have such a cute family!