Monday, April 20, 2009

You Want Me to do WHAT????

My kids brought home a flyer letting us know that this week is National turn your TV off week! I don't watch it during the day at all really but I love my tv shows at night. How will I know who gets voted off survivor, who will leave Dancing with the Stars, who will be below the yellow line on Biggest Loser, who will be killed on CSI and who did it, who will Jo Frost save this week??? I am not sure how I will do at this!!! Gee, right there I sounded like a TV addict.... I may watch my shows during the day on the internet. Would that be called cheating the system???? BayLee and Logan really won't have much of a problem with this. They would rather run a muck outside anyway. But, do you think this includes the wii????? Well, wish me luck. I guess this is to help making the earth "GREEN" and BayLee does anything to make sure that energy is being conserved...I will keep you posted.

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