Sunday, April 19, 2009

Where Is the Wind???

Since January the kids of Washington county have been reading reading reading! From January-April we have been keeping track of minutes read then yesterday kids could go to the Kite Festival and redeem their reading calendars for brand new kites. The kids are always excited to go to this and Adam just happened to be off, so he could join us in the fun. Well, there was one small problem........NO WIND! So there were a whole bunch of parents running around trying to get the kites in the air.
But it was really fun to spend the day as a family and that is what really matters. Who needs the wind to have a good time?

I love this picture....It says so much......BayLee with our friends Piper and Tyson, having a blast, then behind them (not sure why JD isn't in the picture...dang moving train...)is Logan and JD...look at Logans face, I think he is trying to make sure it is really attached.
Piper and Mia......Friends Forever

Logan having a blast trying to figure out his brand new stunt kite. Wish I could help ya buddy. I have a hard enough time with one string let alone two! :)
BayLees Grandma Bryant was working at this bounce house. Because of her broken arm, Grandma let her go through alone and I love this picture.
Best of Friends........(wink...wink...)


the sutton clan said...

oh it looks so nice and warm there!

Doty Family said...

It twas fun! I love the picture of the kids with the balloons on their heads.