Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Walk+ Crocs+ a Jean Skirt= A Broken Arm

This was the ER doc. Very funny guy. As he was wrapping her arm he accidently punched her face....not so funny. But he kept calling her "peanut".

Well, we have set a couple of family goals these past couple of weeks to eat better and to excercise. So in doing this, lastnight we went on our first walk as a family. We are going to walk every monday, wednesday, and friday. So, we get Mia in the stroller, jackets on (decided to get a little chilly in the desert), and headed on our way. Logan wanted to take his skateboard so we let him, I knew for sure we would be in the ER before the night was through with a broken leg.

Well, the ER part was right but it was BayLees arm. Man, she has never been to the Emergency Room. She was running away from playing with some dogs and was way excited and got running a little too fast. She was wearing a jean skirt and crocs (I didn't think she would be running), and she tripped and FLEW with her arms put straight out in front of her. Well, the momentum was so great, it broke.

I must say though. She is my superhero. She has been so positive about the whole thing and was loved at the ER by everybody. She always has a smile on her cute face even when she is hurting.
She was so brave and I admire her for that.

She will go to the orthopedic surgeon on Tuesday and he will decide what to do next. I will keep you posted.


Doty Family said...

Brave little girl! I would have been bawling like a baby. Feel better Baylee.

TIFFANI♫ said...

oh goodness! how sad! at least she is a trooper like her mama! ☺ in every sense you are the best example for her in always remaining postive and happy. bless you!