Saturday, April 11, 2009

Our Human Easter Egg

First of all, I wish I would have had a picture of it as this was unfolding but there were health factors in why we didn't........Mia was not into painting the eggs this year. Maybe next year. But I was busy checking out the glow in the dark eggs with BayLee and Logan and left Mia in the dining room with Adam who was busy decorating his eggs. Well, I come out the girls room and see Mia pulling a cup off the table (on her cute tippy toes) and before I can even get the words out, she is dumping the vinegar, died water in her cute little face. I yell to Adam he flies up, I grab Mia and we went running to the sink to flush her eyes out. After much flushing and much crying (Mia of course). We realize she is now died pink. But hey, it could have been worse. Blue or Green would have been awful. At least she will still match her dress. In preperation for our big egg race tomorrow Logan pipes up "HEY! I get the Mia Egg tomorrow. I will roll her down the hill."
After we got her all taken care of, I found humor in the situation. Her clothes and my clothes were toast. Oh the memories we create!

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Doty Family said...

That is hillarious! They are so dang quick. Happy Easter!