Monday, April 6, 2009

Life as a Stay At Home Mom-HAVING A VENTING MOMENT

Imagine this: Sitting at home, watching a soap-opera while the kids frolic outside, propping my feet up while eating a big box of bon bons. NOT!!! I think this is what people tend to think that this is what housewifes do. We do nothing but sit around and waste the day away by reading a great book (which is the last thing I do) , watching a great movie, eating all we want, talking on the phone(I am guilty of this) , play with the kids (GUILTY). Ya, ok. Whoever that is, I want to find out her secret! I have had a few people over the last few weeks ask Adam "Why doesn't your wife take care of that"? "Why doesn't your wife take care of the Prescriptions that need to be filled?(keep in mind our pharmacy is 25 minutes away from my house and five minutes away from Adams work). How come your wife can't take care of the yard?(That was part of the deal when Adam wanted a house-I don't pull weeds) How come your wife doesn't take the car to be fixed?(um...I will get screwed over)" Give me a break. How much can one person do? Adam works 60+ hours a week, thus leaving me to do all the grunt work(which is fine.....that is my "job"). He is so good to step in and help me. I do rely on him quite a bit, I admit. But I think that is because I saw how my mom and dad worked together as a team.
Adam and I are a great team and he is so awesome to take the 7 prescriptions for Logan to get filled each month.(I don't think people realize how much is really going on behind the scenes with Logan). He is so great to make sure the car is running. He is great to get to the yard work when it is needed. I don't see anything wrong with that.
I don't think marriage works if he has "his" jobs and she has "her" jobs. I believe in teamwork.I may not like to pull weeds but I will do my share because I know he appreciates it. I am constantly thinking that a "stay at home mom" is anything but "at home". I am constantly running running running. Kids to school, grocery shopping, paying bills, take kids to soccer practice, watch other peoples kids, pick up the kids from soccer, take care of injuries done at soccer, take other kid to scouts, make dinner, clean up dinner, pick up kid from scouts, get kids desert, get kids in bath, get kids in pjs and in bed by 8. For what??? So I can start over in the morning.
So for all of you out there that think I am a (these are direct quotes) lazy, dependant, bossy wife: "Try being a housewife"! By the way, I don't think anyone could afford to pay a "housewife".


Doty Family said...

I WISH that I got paid in cash value. Can you imagine the size of that check? Holy Moly, forget a stimulus, pay a housewife! But the rewards and payments come in hugs and kisses and I'll take that over cash any day!

Amber said...

I wouldn't let other peoples opinions bother you. I admire stay at home mom's. It takes a sweet patient gentle person to stay home with their kids and other people's kids all day.

Oh and Kaylee loves Barefoot it is amazing how much they learn from these kinds of activities. Especially cordination skills.

Kris said...

You are a SUPER FABULOUS AMAZING AND STUPENDOUS Mom. And don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise!!! I love you.

the sutton clan said...

Being a full time mom is totally a full time job!!! But it's one that ppl don't notice unless it isn't done or done poorly. I just watched Marley and Me and really liked the part where she just loses it and then opens up and says how no one told her how hard it would be... just such a true sentiment. Take it as a compliment that you can accomplish sooo much and yet still be so unfrazzled where others think you must be spending your time eating bons bons!!! You must be supermom...

J-Mom said...

What do you mean you don't eat bon bons all day? (oh yeah, and never gain a pound from them!)

Of course I have my guilty moments, but I'm usually going crazy busy. I so understand!

The great thing is our rewards will be even greater than any financial payment could ever pay.