Sunday, April 5, 2009

I Still Call It A Conspiracy (HDTV)

Ok, does anyone really understand what this whole thing is all about??? Well, my dear sweet hubby has explained it to me in every way possible. I still think that Big Brother is just trying to control what we do!! We got a really nice TV (46 inch LCD) with HDTV built into it. So I thought "SWEET! We are all set for the switchover". Well, no.....that would be too easy. Our cable provider (which Adam worked for 5 years) doesn't broadcast in HD even after June 12. WHAT?????? So that then forced us to put up yet a third atenna (one is internet, one is FM radio) just so our nice TV would work. OH MY HEAVENS! Honestly, things were just fine with our little TV and our analog channels. Why oh why, is it our problem widening up the bandwidth of frequencies. If on June 13 our TV doesn't work and they say "OH, we have decided to just stick with analog". I will not be happy. I think it is a conspiracy between the government and the electronic industry. :) But hey, Adam looks MIGHTY FINE on that roof. So, if anything, at least that is worth it.


Doty Family said...

Ha, ha, ha!! I agree. If my tv doesn't work, I'm watching movies!

Cassie said...

It is totally a conspiracy! Hey Adam is tech smart....what we have been doing is hooking our tv up to our computer and watching shows on line. It is great.
Good luck with the tv.