Monday, April 27, 2009

Anyone Have Some Bubblewrap?

Yet another injury at the Dover house. I hope this isn't a clue of how the whole summer will be. I got a phone call after school that went like this "Mom, can you come get me? I was riding my skateboard and fell and hit my head." Sure, I went and got him because he has a history of seizures so I wanted to make sure he was ok. He will be just fine but REALLY.....I think this needs to stop.
Just a little flesh wound
Ouch....that will leave a mark.

He is my dramatic kid. I love him!!!! He insists that he can't do his homework because the bruise on his head is going in and not out. -hint-it is roadrash not a goose least I hope not.Poor kid. :(

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Kris said...

Poor guy~ you need bubble wrap, I feel like I need a rubber room!