Tuesday, March 3, 2009

This Time I Mean It

I once again wasted two months watching this show. Each season I swear I will never watch it again. But this time I MEAN IT. This guy Jason came across as a very nice guy. I knew there was no way he could be as lame as the others. Well, it must be a condition to be on this show, you must be lame.
Jason is hurtful and selfish. I won't go on and on about it but I needed to vent. I am really upset about this. He was in love with a girl named Melissa and proposed to her lastnight and they were so much in love. He said he fell in love with her on the first date and had been waiting for the moment when he could tell her that he loved her. Man, they looked happy, I was cheering and so happy for them. (I know, it is tv but let me believe that it is real).
Well, as soon as it was over they switched to a "After the Rose" show and BAM he dumped Melissa on her butt and five minutes later was making out with Molly and begging for her to give him another chance. BAM, she said yes. OK WHAT ABOUT GIRLS STICKING TOGETHER? Shouldn't she have said, "Sorry, Loser. You totally broke my heart then turned around and broke Melissas heart. See ya". NO, she said "I have never stopped loveing you". OH BROTHER. I wanted to throw the remote at the tv.
I am now going to invite Melissa over for dinner. She needs a good friend. I hope she is the next Bachelorette. Oh wait, I am not going to watch it again.............. Thanks for listening, that is what friends are for.


Jer & Mick said...

I know i am lame for watching it too...i too am mad i wasted all that time watching it. I turned to jer after wards and said i need to call Melissa she needs a good friend! haha looks like me and you were on the same page :)

MindyLu said...

SO glad i didn't waste my time! Love your new background btw!

TIFFANI said...

you're so funny. i watched a couple of those shows when it first started! i don't even know who is who. but i'll be her friend. :)

J-Mom said...

Yeah, I haven't been able to get into that show ever. The idea of all the girls fighting over one guy and knowing he is out with other girls---just never could get into that. (I was suprised they made it past one season--but I guess that's just me not getting it. It cracked me up over a year ago I found out my Grandma was watching it--that was weird for me to find out.)

Sorry you were bummed about it. I'll help remind you next season, if you need a little support group:)