Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Break: Day One

I can't believe that Spring Break is already here! How crazy is that? That means that summer vacation is creeping up to my doorstep and will be here before I know it.

Day One has been so much fun! I wanted to take the kids to feed the ducks today and go for a picnic. Logan didn't want to go, and I came to realize that he is growing up. He is almost 11 and of course he doesn't want to hang out with his mom and ducks. :) So he stayed home and played at a friends house. Time is flying so fast and I don't have much time left with him.

BayLee, Mia, and I went and fed the ducks. Actually Mia was afraid of them and so I put her in the carseat. Don't worry, the ducks were like two feet away and the van door was open!! :) But the Geese are CRAZY. BayLee felt sorry for one that was injured and wasn't getting any food, so needless to say it got most of the bread.

We then went to thrift stores and found a few great treasures. I spent the afternoon making chicken noodle soup. YUMMY!!! I wonder what is in store for tomorrow.........

After the Geese scared her to death
The poor injured geese that BayLee wanted to bring home with us.

BayLee loved to throw a whole piece in the pond and watch all the ducks go after it. She was laughing so hard. Some little boys that were there decided her technique was better than theirs and they jumped in on the fun!

She LOVES being with animals.

The "Goose Whisperer" in action

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Doty Family said...

Holy Crow! The ducks didn't do that for us. They must have been full by the time we got there. Piper was chasing after them and throwing pebbles at them.