Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sad Moment...Teaching Time

Picture taken right after he was born.
We lost this puppy a couple of days ago. It was only three days old but BayLee was attached from the beginning. Our male Miniature Schnauzer bred with our close friends female Miniature Schnauzer and three puppies were born. Since we had the Stud dog we got to choose a puppy. Well, BayLee went with Adam to their house to help with the delivery of the puppies, to make sure all went well, and BayLee went along. Man, she was in high heaven and had named the puppy to be ours, Max. Well, we got a phone call three days later and my heart sunk. Max didn't make it. I cried for my children, how was I going to look BayLee in the eyes and tell her that it died. I know it was only three days old, I know that the kids hadn't played with it, but it was part of our family already.
Adam came home after work and I had him tell the kids. They were sad. Logan helped Adam dig the hole. I was inside with Mia because of the wind but just happened to look out and saw BayLee holding Max, rocking him in the rocking chair, wrapped in a blanket. I went outside and could see her petting the poor puppy and singing a sweet song. This was a real teaching moment for me. She was so reverent with the puppy and said "Mom, it's ok. He is in heaven and will be there when we get there." So sweet. I wish I could put this moment in a jar too, and put it on my shelf.
**** Good news.....the people who wanted the third puppy changed their mind so we will be getting that one.


J-Mom said...

I'm glad this turned out overall well. I had been wondering since you posted on facebook. I'm glad you get another puppy.

hsimkins said...

Oh.. so sweet. It reminds me of "blacky" my baby kitty that died cause I always held it and kept it away from it's mom! Shame on me!
Congrats on your new puppy!