Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Pirates Life For Me

Pirate Island Pizza is a new restaurant in St. George. It is really cool. Really fun Pirate atmosphere and the kids love the food. There is thunder, lightening, waterfall, themed rooms, a play place for the little kids and arcade games. Very fun.

Logan is such a good sport. He is a good five years older than most of the
other kids we hang out with. He often reverts back to being six more than setting
the example. :)
Kaleb insisted they wear the hats upside down.

This is a Homie Pirate

The wenches and the waiter

They also have a shooting gallery. BayLee refused to
shoot the animals. She would only shoot the skeletons because
they were.....ALREADY DEAD. I love her!!!

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Doty Family said...

Cute pictures. I do really like the one of Logan on the rocks. He does look really grown up. CUTE!!