Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Greatest News I Have Heard All Day

I have no idea where I have been, but I just saw a trailer for this movie and I am sooooo excited! I love this book and can hardly wait to go see it on the big screen. It looks a lot like Bridge To Terabithia. To check out the trailer go here! It will be in theaters October 16. Can I wait that long??? I am going to read this book to my kids again right now!


J-Mom said...

I heard about them making the movie, I was a little worried. Even after watching that clip--I'm not sold yet. But I will give it a chance. I just don't know where to stand. Love the book! Hope they don't make a mess of the movie.

the sutton clan said...

just saw the trailer today and it looks fantastic. i'm excited to see it.

Cassie said...

I loved this book when I was little. I will watch the clip.