Friday, February 27, 2009

BayLee vs The Dentist

BayLee had to go get a filling today and she was so scared. She cried from the time she woke up at 7:00 until her appointment at 9:00. Finally I asked her what was really wrong and she said "I want Dad to take me, he is more brave than you." I about died, how can she tell I am a wimp?? :) So I called dad and he was able to get away from work for a few minutes. It took Dr. Ence (cutie patootie) 10 minutes to do it. She didn't need a shot or the drill (I didn't tell her about the possible shot....that would have been BAD!!).

When it was all said and done she came out with a huge smile on her face and said "I told you it wouldn't be that bad Mom"!!! What a silly cute girl!


She wasn't too sure about the "elephant nose"

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MindyLu said...

awww . . . cute little Bay! Its okay I don't like the dentist either, glad to hear you were so brave! Hey Mandee how was the PARtay?