Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Red Robin Bday Bash

Thank you Grandma for the cute books! They will be perfect
for my little hands to hold. I also love my little beanie monkey.
What mom doesn't give her baby a lemon to try? She loved the
lime but wasn't too fond of the lemon.

Bay was a fan of Red Robin. She had to get her picture
taken with him of course.

Thank you Aunt Jen and Uncle Tony, cousin Ajay and Annalisa. I
love the new clothes. Thank you BayLee and Logan, I will have
so much fun with my hammer toy.
What a busy weekend we had. So busy that it took a couple days for me to blog her birthday. We had such a great day on Saturday. We let her open her present from the Boggess family first thing in the morning because I had a hunch it was new clothes and I LOVE new clothes for my kids. It brings happiness. :) We met my parents at Red Robin and had a wonderful lunch. We were the first people there and the food was wonderful. Mia got sang to by all the workers and she went to town on her sundae (camera died-hench no pictures).
After bowling we took the kiddos bowling. Mia had a great time cheering everybody on. Adam got a 117, Logan got 110, and BayLee got a 99. Good times.
We had a great day celebrating Mias birthday and it was sad to see the fun day end.
I will post the big bday bash we had Sunday, tommorrow. I have work that needs to be done. :)


TIFFANI said...

how fun is this! i love RED ROBIN. so delicious.

i still need to take her pictures! i'd still like too!!!

Doty Family said...

Love Red Robin! Glad you guys had a good time!

J-Mom said...

Sounds like fun! The lemon tasting picture cracked me up.