Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happiness Is......

Happiness is being married to your very best friend. Adam
makes me so happy. He is always surprising me with kind deeds,
he causes me to get butterflies when he enters the room. I
love him so much. He works extra hard to keep me at home
to raise our beautiful children. I am so lucky to have such
a great husband.
Happiness is seeing your kids learn. My children love to learn.
BayLee and Logan love to help me in the kitchen and Logan loves
to learn about everything his dad does. They try to out do eachother
already. Mia loves to watch her older brother and sister and is
starting to mimic their every move.
Happiness is spending time as a family. We went for a walk
this afternoon and then the kids and Adam went for a bikeride.
BayLee is so happy with her new bike.
Happiness is having a baby that watches your every move. Mia is
getting to be so much fun. She is doing Patty Cake, peek a boo, blowing
raspberries, and clapping. She is such a happy little girl. She makes
us all smile.
Happiness is being a mother. I love being a mom. There are
those days when I am just ready to put a fork in it and call
it a day but they are so much worth the work. I love seeing their
faces when they accomplish something great. I love hearing about
their days, wiping away tears, laughing at the same knock knock
jokes over and over and over and over again!!!


Doty Family said...

Cute pictures and cute post!

TIF said...

this is a lovely post. thank you for it.

The Wright Family said...

I soooo agree! Happiness is loveliness and all those good things that go with it... you've hit the target dead center. I very muchly agree with what you think happiness is! Thanks for sharing!

Lacey said...

Your kids are so stinkin' cute. I love that post. Happiness seems to be in the everyday things. Thanks for sharing!

the sutton clan said...

what a great little family you have! and doubly blessed because you realize it!