Friday, January 30, 2009

Blogging Brain Freeze

I have what writers call Writers Block but I like to call it a Brain Freeze. My blog is suffering.....I will try to be a better blogger. Just got to the point to where I was spending all my time blogging and things around the house were suffering. :) I will be back shortly. Have a great weekend. :)


TIFFANI said...

Dear Mandee,
thanks for letting me capture Mia in all of her preciousness. :) I am excited to get the pictures done so I can share them with you. :) You're such a great person! Sincerely. Love ya!


TIFFANI said...

Uhm, I put your baby girls pictures on my flickr account. I hope its okay, I sort of LOVE them. I want to share them on my photography website as well, if thats okay? and Regis and Kelly can look at her pictures! :P I don't even care at all! they are YOURS.

But. ALL of the pictures I edited and stuff are on

so you can browse them all, copy and paste whatever you want and I can still get you a disc.

I'll put my favorites on my !

TIFFANI said...

me again: sorry. actually not all of them are even on flickr. i must've missed some in the uploading process. thats okay! i'll get 'em up there.