Friday, January 30, 2009

Blogging Brain Freeze

I have what writers call Writers Block but I like to call it a Brain Freeze. My blog is suffering.....I will try to be a better blogger. Just got to the point to where I was spending all my time blogging and things around the house were suffering. :) I will be back shortly. Have a great weekend. :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Red Robin Bday Bash

Thank you Grandma for the cute books! They will be perfect
for my little hands to hold. I also love my little beanie monkey.
What mom doesn't give her baby a lemon to try? She loved the
lime but wasn't too fond of the lemon.

Bay was a fan of Red Robin. She had to get her picture
taken with him of course.

Thank you Aunt Jen and Uncle Tony, cousin Ajay and Annalisa. I
love the new clothes. Thank you BayLee and Logan, I will have
so much fun with my hammer toy.
What a busy weekend we had. So busy that it took a couple days for me to blog her birthday. We had such a great day on Saturday. We let her open her present from the Boggess family first thing in the morning because I had a hunch it was new clothes and I LOVE new clothes for my kids. It brings happiness. :) We met my parents at Red Robin and had a wonderful lunch. We were the first people there and the food was wonderful. Mia got sang to by all the workers and she went to town on her sundae (camera died-hench no pictures).
After bowling we took the kiddos bowling. Mia had a great time cheering everybody on. Adam got a 117, Logan got 110, and BayLee got a 99. Good times.
We had a great day celebrating Mias birthday and it was sad to see the fun day end.
I will post the big bday bash we had Sunday, tommorrow. I have work that needs to be done. :)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Mia Sophia

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I can't believe it has been a year since we were blessed with our second sweet baby girl. A year ago today I was exhausted after a twelve hour off and on labor. But at the same time we were so happy to have her safely here with us. She was born with a smile and her tongue sticking out. She nestled right into me and went to sleep just minutes after she was born.
BayLee and Logan came to the hospital with Grandma and Grandpa Boggess Friday morning before school and they were so excited for their sweet sister to be here. They are so good to her. In fact this morning they couldn't wait any longer and they came into the room singing at the top of their lungs "Happy Birthday". It is moments like this that I will forever cherish.
She is growing like a weed. Although this week she finally decided to crawl instead of the army crawl. She loves spaghetti (imagine that!), bananas, and anything her dad is willing to share with her. He walks in the door everynight and Mia is so happy. She spends the rest of the night chillin with Daddy and eating whatever he may have.
Logan and BayLee are such big helpers. The only thing I don't have them trained to do is change diapers. We love you Mia and are so grateful for the spirit that you have brought into our home. We love you and wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Ok, I just had to share this crazy story....
So, lastnight Adam and I were just playing around on Facebook and looking up people. So, for the heck of it we type in "Dover" (wierd concept but whatever:) So, we are looking, Adam is asking people what Dover side they come from, etc. etc.... When all of a sudden Adam stops the cursor on a name and says "hmmmmm. how did this happen"? So I look and there is the name Logan David Dover! I say "Your kidding me? There is another kid in Utah named Logan David Dover? That is crazy" He then says, "uh, Mandee.Look at the picture" IT WAS A PICTURE OF MY LOGAN WITH BAYLEE>

All of a sudden I get really panicked. It was 11 o'clock at night but I needed to know RIGHT THEN if Logan had set it up at 1:20 on the 20th of December. So, I go into his room, try to wake him up. He won't wake up, by this time I am convinced someone has taken my sons identity. So I see a cup of water on his nightstand and I very gingerly put it on his face. Sure enough he wakes up. I say (very calmly of course) Logan, did you set up an account on facebook?" Through very tired eyes he says "No". I then of course come running out to Adam. "He says he didn't do it!" SO by this time I am ready to make my blog private because I just know someone is taking pictures and using my kids on facebook.

So I go ask him again, sure enough this time it is a different tune. "Logan, Honey, you need to tell me right now if you did it or not. It is very important". He looks at me and says "Yes mom, it was me. I set up an email account in Yahoo so I could do it". OH MY GOSH. Here I thought I had done a good job observing what was done on my computer. It could be worse, there are far worse things to see on it but it truly scared me.

So, we contacted facebook and they have removed it but I am so shocked still that my son knew how to set up an account, upload a picture, set up an email, all on his own. Needless to say our computer now has a password. All is well now but I just wanted to let you know to NEVER underestimate the capability of children. It was a real eye opener. But to give him some credit, he never logged back on it after he set it up. After asking him why he wanted an account he said "I just wanted to do bowling and pet society" . Bless the little children. :)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happiness Is......

Happiness is being married to your very best friend. Adam
makes me so happy. He is always surprising me with kind deeds,
he causes me to get butterflies when he enters the room. I
love him so much. He works extra hard to keep me at home
to raise our beautiful children. I am so lucky to have such
a great husband.
Happiness is seeing your kids learn. My children love to learn.
BayLee and Logan love to help me in the kitchen and Logan loves
to learn about everything his dad does. They try to out do eachother
already. Mia loves to watch her older brother and sister and is
starting to mimic their every move.
Happiness is spending time as a family. We went for a walk
this afternoon and then the kids and Adam went for a bikeride.
BayLee is so happy with her new bike.
Happiness is having a baby that watches your every move. Mia is
getting to be so much fun. She is doing Patty Cake, peek a boo, blowing
raspberries, and clapping. She is such a happy little girl. She makes
us all smile.
Happiness is being a mother. I love being a mom. There are
those days when I am just ready to put a fork in it and call
it a day but they are so much worth the work. I love seeing their
faces when they accomplish something great. I love hearing about
their days, wiping away tears, laughing at the same knock knock
jokes over and over and over and over again!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Logan Logan Logan

Logan makes me laugh, he makes me think, he makes me really he is such a great kid. He loves to think, he loves to learn (on his own), he loves to research things and find the boundries of whatever he comes across. His mind is always going and it has since birth.
He wanted me to take pictures of him for the blog. What a kid......

The "I want you" Logan
The "pensive" Logan.

The "all too typical" Logan.

I love his smile. It is contagious. He has such a big heart
and will always have a sense of humor. He reminds me
not to take things too seriously.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

This is for all my friends out there,Ellie that means you! This winter is so weird. I never thought I would see snow in the desert and we are suppose to get more this next week. I think this pretty much sums up what I am thinking.