Sunday, December 21, 2008

Thank Heavens for Forgotten Carols

For sixteen years I have been able to go watch a wonderful musical written by a man by the name of Micheal McClean. It is called The Forgotten Carols. It is about man named John that is over 1900 years old. He hleps a nurse by the name of Constance (Connie) find the Spirit of Christmas. It has become a tradition to go with our wonderful friends who are more like family. Each year we go with our spouses or significant others to listen to wonderful music and to feel the Spirit. Each year it brings something new.

I will have to say I have a crush on Micheals son (Adam is fully aware). His name is Jeff. He was in it for a few years and MAN do I miss him in it. But despite that it is great.

Lastnight was the night to go watch it. We weren't able to find a sitter for Mia so Adam chose to stay home with Logan and Mia and sent BayLee and I to the play. She loved it and was so good and hung on to every word that was spoken and sang. She laughed at the right parts and I think she really understood the story. So, this may be a new tradition, our children may have to start coming.

We finished the evening off by eating a late dinner at Village Inn. We chose this place because in years past we have seen the actors there getting a bite to eat. No such luck lastnight but we had a great time laughing and visiting. BayLee was such a trooper. We pulled in the driveway at 11:55. She asked if it was past her bedtime.

This was a great evening that I will cherish forever. We need to capture moments like these.....they don't stay little for long......time goes by so quickly.

I strongly reccomend this play. Check it out next year!!!! I promise you will find the meaning of Christmas if you have yet to learn it.

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Doty Family said...

Nice picture!! Better than the racey one you sent me. Taylor defiently has a better voice, but just doesn't have the stage presence of Jeff. Good times! Had fun!