Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Photo Shoot Gone Awry

Have you ever had five specimens that you need to cooperate all at the same time? Without fail there will be a problem. Whether it is potty breaks, hungry tummy, itchy noses, runny noses, hurt feelings, the list goes on and on. Then right when you think all will work out one of the specimens blink, start to cry, look off into space.

( I love Mias face in this picture)
Honestly, this had to have been harder than running a marathon in the hot sweldering sun. No matter how hard we tried to make it work it just wasn't. My mom and dad wanted to take a picture with all of the grandchildren together to put with the "holiday" card. Sound fun??? Well, it started out ok but towards the end of the 10 minute photo shoot I think all adults were about to strangle all of the other adults throats. It was really quite humurous I am sure through the specimens eyes!!! We were probably the reason for the tears.

Lastyear BayLee refused to be in the picture so they sent it without her in it. This year it is either all the grandkids WITHOUT the grandparents OR all the grandkids but Ajay but WITH grandparents. I wish I knew how to use photoshop and I would just magically create a picture and somehow place smiles and eyes in all the right places. :)

Here is the Best one but of course it is missing Grandma and Grandpa. Such cute kids. The funny thing is, this is the first picture we took!!

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