Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fun with Grandparents

Mia loves her grandparents. She is the lucky one that has had them by her since she was born. My other two learned about my parents through mail, phone, and email. They lived in Italy while the other two were little. It has been so fun to watch my parents with her. She is always so happy when she sees them walk into the room. I am so grateful that my Grandma is able to enjoy so much of her posterity. I try to take pictures of her with my children as often as possible. I wish there were a way I could capture these moments and place them in a jar so when they are older they can open the jar and hear her voice, smell her lotion, and feel the warmth of her hugs. But I know the pictures will be treasured.
Of course we wish that Adams parents and Grandparents could watch them grow in the flesh too. But thank heavens for technology and they can see their grandkids as often as they want.

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