Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we headed up to Cedar City to visit my parents. It was a quick trip because Adam worked until three and then it started to snow pretty bad so we needed to get back on the road. But somehow we managed to make pizzas, bake the pizzas, eat the pizzas, play in the snow, clean up after dinner, decorate gingerbread men, make fudge in a bag with Grandpa, and open jammies and get in the jammies and head home. All of this in three hours.

We had a wonderful visit. My Grandma is spending some time with my parents and is such a joy to be around. She had so much fun soaking in their excitement. She kept saying how wonderful it was to be around children for Christmas. She even decorated the Gingerbread men!!!!!

All snuggled in the new jammies from Grandma
Mia LOVED the Gingerbread. She ate two cookies.

I think Bay decorated 10 cookies at least. But she wouldn't eat them. Silly girl.
Logan was trying out each tip on the pastry bag. Not sure
which one he found to be the best.

These two just can't ever get enough of eachother. BayLee
sure loves her Great Grandma.

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