Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fun with Grandparents

Mia loves her grandparents. She is the lucky one that has had them by her since she was born. My other two learned about my parents through mail, phone, and email. They lived in Italy while the other two were little. It has been so fun to watch my parents with her. She is always so happy when she sees them walk into the room. I am so grateful that my Grandma is able to enjoy so much of her posterity. I try to take pictures of her with my children as often as possible. I wish there were a way I could capture these moments and place them in a jar so when they are older they can open the jar and hear her voice, smell her lotion, and feel the warmth of her hugs. But I know the pictures will be treasured.
Of course we wish that Adams parents and Grandparents could watch them grow in the flesh too. But thank heavens for technology and they can see their grandkids as often as they want.

Photo Shoot Gone Awry

Have you ever had five specimens that you need to cooperate all at the same time? Without fail there will be a problem. Whether it is potty breaks, hungry tummy, itchy noses, runny noses, hurt feelings, the list goes on and on. Then right when you think all will work out one of the specimens blink, start to cry, look off into space.

( I love Mias face in this picture)
Honestly, this had to have been harder than running a marathon in the hot sweldering sun. No matter how hard we tried to make it work it just wasn't. My mom and dad wanted to take a picture with all of the grandchildren together to put with the "holiday" card. Sound fun??? Well, it started out ok but towards the end of the 10 minute photo shoot I think all adults were about to strangle all of the other adults throats. It was really quite humurous I am sure through the specimens eyes!!! We were probably the reason for the tears.

Lastyear BayLee refused to be in the picture so they sent it without her in it. This year it is either all the grandkids WITHOUT the grandparents OR all the grandkids but Ajay but WITH grandparents. I wish I knew how to use photoshop and I would just magically create a picture and somehow place smiles and eyes in all the right places. :)

Here is the Best one but of course it is missing Grandma and Grandpa. Such cute kids. The funny thing is, this is the first picture we took!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day/Adams 30th bday

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Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we headed up to Cedar City to visit my parents. It was a quick trip because Adam worked until three and then it started to snow pretty bad so we needed to get back on the road. But somehow we managed to make pizzas, bake the pizzas, eat the pizzas, play in the snow, clean up after dinner, decorate gingerbread men, make fudge in a bag with Grandpa, and open jammies and get in the jammies and head home. All of this in three hours.

We had a wonderful visit. My Grandma is spending some time with my parents and is such a joy to be around. She had so much fun soaking in their excitement. She kept saying how wonderful it was to be around children for Christmas. She even decorated the Gingerbread men!!!!!

All snuggled in the new jammies from Grandma
Mia LOVED the Gingerbread. She ate two cookies.

I think Bay decorated 10 cookies at least. But she wouldn't eat them. Silly girl.
Logan was trying out each tip on the pastry bag. Not sure
which one he found to be the best.

These two just can't ever get enough of eachother. BayLee
sure loves her Great Grandma.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

YEAH!!!! I am one of Tip Junkies contest finalists!!! Our Christmas tree which can be seen here was entered in the contest. And we were chosen as a finalist for Best Themed Tree. Now we need as many votes as possible to win some wonderful prizes! We are excited.
So please head over to Tip Junkie and vote on the poll that is on the left side of the blog. Click on Mandees Nightmare Before Xmas!! Thank you so much.
Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Thank Heavens for Forgotten Carols

For sixteen years I have been able to go watch a wonderful musical written by a man by the name of Micheal McClean. It is called The Forgotten Carols. It is about man named John that is over 1900 years old. He hleps a nurse by the name of Constance (Connie) find the Spirit of Christmas. It has become a tradition to go with our wonderful friends who are more like family. Each year we go with our spouses or significant others to listen to wonderful music and to feel the Spirit. Each year it brings something new.

I will have to say I have a crush on Micheals son (Adam is fully aware). His name is Jeff. He was in it for a few years and MAN do I miss him in it. But despite that it is great.

Lastnight was the night to go watch it. We weren't able to find a sitter for Mia so Adam chose to stay home with Logan and Mia and sent BayLee and I to the play. She loved it and was so good and hung on to every word that was spoken and sang. She laughed at the right parts and I think she really understood the story. So, this may be a new tradition, our children may have to start coming.

We finished the evening off by eating a late dinner at Village Inn. We chose this place because in years past we have seen the actors there getting a bite to eat. No such luck lastnight but we had a great time laughing and visiting. BayLee was such a trooper. We pulled in the driveway at 11:55. She asked if it was past her bedtime.

This was a great evening that I will cherish forever. We need to capture moments like these.....they don't stay little for long......time goes by so quickly.

I strongly reccomend this play. Check it out next year!!!! I promise you will find the meaning of Christmas if you have yet to learn it.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

No School Today

You will never believe it! There isn't school today because of SNOW!!! It has been over 10 years since there was a snow day in St. George, Utah. Lastnight we were delivering the first round of neighborhood goody plates (which I promise myself eachyear I won't do it again) and the snow was coming down pretty hard. I said to Adam, "I bet there isn't school tomorrow". He agreed. We then found out there indeed wasn't going to be school. I about died. Not because they would be home but because I lived in Colorado Springs and Adam lived and Cedar and snow days never happened very often.
This is our beautiful "red" mountain. It is so pretty with a little dusting of snow.
BayLee was so happy I was out there with her. It made it all worth it.
This is "sprinkles" the snowman-snowwoman. They were
arguing about what the gender was.....not too sure what was decided!!
BayLee was so thrilled with the outcome.

Anyways, we have had a fun day. I then of course turned it to a snowball fight!! But the snow is quickly melting away.

Monday, December 15, 2008

I Prefer Dreaming of a White Christmas!

We live in the desert so we don't ever really get snow. It started to snow once the kids got to school. They were so excited to play in the snow. Myself however, I am not fond of snow AT ALL!!! I think I lived in Colorado Springs for way too long. I like dreaming of a white Christmas but now that it is happening......I will call it a nightmare. :)
Since it started to snow after Adam had gone to work, he had
to ride his motorcycle home.....we only have one working car so
hopefully the snow doesn't last all week like it is suppose to!
The snow made Logan so happy. I had to pull him and Bay in
at 6:15. They were so excited.

Not sure why he is using a rake! Can you tell that we don't
get snow often??
This is at noon......long before the peak of the snow storm!!!!

The Dover Reindeer

Logan found his reindeer antlers so I had each of the kids put them on. Cute little reindeer aren't they??

BayLee the Reindeer

BayLee jealous of the Logan Reindeer (they really do love eachother)
Mia the Reindeer!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mommy's Little Helper

Mia is now 10 months old and I can't believe it. I also can't believe that I was ever worried about her development. She has always been "behind" the schedule that some doctor came up with and I have decided I am not going to let them worry me ANYMORE!! She is just fine, she is taking her time but eventually she reaches each milestone. She is now climbing and scooting, when she is sitting still she is on all fours but when she starts to move she goes back into the army crawl and it is so cute!
She is always happy and we have so much fun hanging out during the day.
Just happy to be hanging out.
I put the movies away at least 5 times a day. ( My favorite
thing in the world is to see her sitting like this with her feet underneath her)

Helping me do the dishes. She is such a great helper.

Her favorite hang out is under the tree.