Tuesday, November 11, 2008

We Are a Happy Family

Just a warning, I have a lot to blog about last weekends birthday bash for my Grandma. We had so much fun. We had an adult party friday night (why I had to leave my oldest two home), open house Saturday, Hooters for lunch (my idea and the food was great!), my brothers 40th birthday party Saturday night, and just hung out as a family. It was so fun. These pics are from the Open House.

My Grandma and her 5 children
My Grandma and the "older" GREAT grandchildren (missing five)

My Grandma and the Grandchildren (missing 3)

My Grandma and her younger GREAT grandchildren (missing a couple) and her GREAT GREAT Grandson.

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Doty Family said...

Those are really cool pictures. Your mom has a sister that could be her twin, I think. I had to do a double take!