Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cousins Make the Best Friends

What a long day of in and out of a car can do to a sweet baby. Poor Annalisa.

Is he not the cutest little boy?We had so much fun playing with Ajay.
Ajay playing the wii. The boy can box.

Mia and Annalisa had a great time. Well, Mia did, she was all over
Annalisa. She was very patient while Mia poked her eyes out. I hope
they will be the best of friends growing up. I could eat them up.


Doty Family said...

I love the picture of your mom holding Annalisa and Mia, sitting up so big and all smiley! Good time!!

Active Ackleys said...

I love it!!! Sometimes I wish I still lived in Colorado. Tom's and my kids are very close in age. His son and Matthew are only 6 mths apart and both in 3rd grade, his daughter and Kaity are 6 wks apart and both in Kindergarten this year. If we lived there they would be so close.