Monday, November 17, 2008

Bronco Sunday

My brother is the BIGGEST Denver Bronco Fan and I am afraid it is rubbing off onto my nephew. He wakes up, asks my brother what day it is, my brother says Sunday, and Ajay says "BRONCO SUNDAY". He is only 2!!! He is so sweet and I guess it is ok that he likes the Broncos. Maybe one day he will play football.

Cutest Bronco Fan
A proud Bronco Fan

Three Generations of Bronco Fans


Active Ackleys said...

BLECH!!!! The Broncos?!?!?! My oldest loves the broncos-it's my mom's fault. I myself love the Raiders. My son is a raider-hater! Cute pictures! Your dad looks awesome!

Doty Family said...

HE, HE, HE ~ It cracks me up that they all had Bronco gear to wear for a picture, especially since your dad was just visiting. He must be devoted!

Doty Family said...

You have an award on my blog!!!!