Sunday, October 5, 2008

We Have Gone Mobile!!

I was busy making lunch and noticed that it was quiet (which is not normal for our circus) and I could account for everyone but Mia. Little by little she has been scooting but hasn't dared leave the carpeted living room. Well, BayLee started laughing and pointed down the hallway. Mia was helping herself to the books :). So needless to say it is time to babyproof the Dover house. We looked for plug pluggers (there has got to be a better word for them than that) but the ones we found looked too hard for me to figure out. :) So we finally found the good ole plastic pluggers, glad they have left simple things on the market!


The Wright Family said...

Way to go Mia, now you're really on the move! Have a blast keeping up with them all now, Mandee ;)

Kris said...

Yeah Miso!!!! Too sad for you Dola!